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Healthcare UX

Areteworks’ team of healthcare UX Designers has proven, specific design expertise in healthcare diagnostics, pharmaceutical analysis, patient care, and monitoring tools. At Areteworks, we specialize in healthcare applications such as mobile, cloud, and enterprise applications. We create User Experience systems that improve on usability and design functions or features that address and solve users’ pain-points. Our talented healthcare design experts are detailed oriented, obsessive about UX design, and know how to apply our unique propriety design process efficiently and cost effectively – designing an inspiring and easy to use application is our passion.

Areteworks offers a wide range of medical UX and UI design services that can guarantee the successful launch of your healthcare product.

Why is healthcare UX important?

One of the usability problems associated with healthcare applications is often a high learning curve, which can cause many user frustrations and even fatal errors. This has resulted in the FDA issuing a Human Factors guideline to which healthcare manufacturers need to adhere.

Very few healthcare UX companies are aware of the FDA guidelines, and even fewer are capable of implementing the FDA’s recommendations. Areteworks has worked with many healthcare companies to design and implement these guidelines. We have also performed several validation studies (Summative testing) for our clients and provided FDA documentation.

The goal of healthcare UX design is to provide an intuitive UX application that would reduce user errors, improve the usability, and more importantly allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients rather than learning to use their healthcare applications.

What are the top healthcare trends of 2020

For the healthcare industry and UX, these are the most popular technological trends and why Areteworks as your healthcare UX experts can help your company:

Wearables and data visualization: Wearable devices offer a more intimate interaction for users with their health products. In healthcare, not only it can relay information such as heart rate and blood pressure, they have the ability of allowing researchers and clinicians to view a patient physiology without invasive procedures or utilizing harmful scans. Areteworks understands the necessity of an engaging and enjoyable user experience for these types of devices. Our Healthcare UX design team finds unique and actionable solutions that not only meet the user’s needs, but translate their experience into a stronger sense of wellbeing.

Voice user interfaces: Speech is one of the methods of interaction that can travel across most user demographics without the same level of concern over different learning curves. Areteworks’ UX designers have a vast amount of experience working with devices that utilize speech as a primary method of interaction. We are able to find workable, innovative solutions to the challenges that voice user interfaces can present, such as error correction and seamless localization.

AI doctors and chatbots: When not interacting with actual healthcare professionals, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users with their medical concerns offers new and unique experiences for patients. Areteworks’ UX designers understand the importance of Integrating user experience into Artificial Intelligence in ways that are natural and comfortable to stakeholders. Our designers have created innovative UX design systems that utilize AI for customization and personalization of the stakeholder’s user experience.

Contact us for advanced healthcare UX solutions

If you are involved in healthcare development and looking for passionate UX designers with experience working with physicians, patients and caregiver teams – contact Areteworks. We have a reputation of designing and delivering intuitive and inspiring healthcare UX solutions to our esteemed clients.

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