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Data lists

Sales without leads is difficult and data lists provide power to any campaign. ListGiant provides datasets with many relevant attributes built on performance. Finding the perfect prospect is difficult.

How do I find sales leads?

Lead generation is an essential task in sales. Without a targeted campaign, marketers are blind. An appropriate data list allows you to focus on the part of your market most likely to convert.

In previous decades, static datasets provided the only available information. Installed periodically, these sets offered the most up to date quarterly information.

Recent advances in technology allow for real-time feeds capable of helping you find the most appropriate leads. Clickstream data, surveys, and data sharing enables companies to build massive sets of organizations and people who recently expressed interest in products and services.

ListGiant uses direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, and online marketing in addition to reliable sources of government and business information to build lists. Our most popular industries include insurance, automotive sales, and mortgages. Our datasets provide many attributes which your sales force understand their market across many varied industries.

Why do I need sales leads?

The average consumer views up to 5000 advertisements per day. Most are irrelevant, leading potential consumers to ignore many pitches.

Meanwhile social media and other forms of digital marketing allow products and services to pitch to potential clients directly. Industries are inundated with search engine and social media optimized advertisements and pitches. Despite efforts, most people never reach even the third link in a Google search.

In response, personal sales and highly targeted campaigns based on real-time data are increasingly important. Without the ability to seek out and sell to interested parties, companies in the modern world are at a significant disadvantage. A sales force must know when and how to attack in an increasingly saturated and connected market.

What if I require additional data?

Real-time data provides power to your campaign. However, your data may require cleansing or enrichment. This process integrates existing information such as landline, cell phone, and demographic data into a single source.

It is possible to visualize datasets through common tools, producing reports and gaining useful insights into how your market thinks. Our modeling and profiling services help you find the perfect ten customers based on our powerful data.

One of the most important transformations available for your data lists is address standardization. Our hygiene services update locations and apply standards meeting the United States Post Office’s specification for quality.

In addition to building your datasets, our lists include aged leads based on expressed interest. Our leads allow your marketers and sales force to seek the most relevant and timely potential clients and customers in addition to understanding.

ListGiant provides quality real-time data lists to ensure that you understand your continually evolving market. We are also available to keep your existing and new data clean. Contact us today to find out how data quality and quantity can improve your sales process.

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